Genre - Short | Scene By Phone

Duration - 6:58

Country - Kenya

Language - English, Swahili

Year - 2019

Synopsis: PEAR is the story of a campus first year girl, Anita. Anita is a naïve girl, guided by her moral values. She is new to Campus life and things seem strange but there is a lot of pressure to conform to this life. She tries to stay true to her values but the peer pressure and curiosity is very strong. She finds herself in a party. The one time she fails to honour her values,She gets raped.


This leads her to a path of depression. Her fears make her turn into a violent person. She ends up threatening her friends and hurting them. She is left on her own and she does not know who to talk to so she turns to drugs. She finds out she is pregnant and at this point, Anita can not handle the mental torture so she decides to end her life but her family and friends come to her rescue and they get help for her.

We named the film PEAR in scrabble form which can be reorganized to symbolize the scrabble of life and how things happening around us can change who we end up becoming. Also because of the fruit pear which turns colour once bitten to symbolize how Anita’s life,mental state and character changed after being raped. Pear also is a representation of ‘Peer‘ which also brings about the aspect of peer pressure which shapes us in so many ways.

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