Young Man with Beard
Pilot Error



12:30 Minutes


United States


English, France




Joe Anderson


Grand Prize Winner Best Feature and Best Actress (Kate Thomsen) Silicon Beach Film Festival Los Angeles 2020. Winner Best Supporting Actor (Robert Cicchini) Culver City Film Festival 2020. A passenger jet en route to Paris from South America disappears in the Atlantic. Investigative reporter Nicola Wilson, who lost a friend on the plane, sets out to discover what went wrong.

Inspired by the true story of the computer crash that led to the loss of Air France 447, this film is based on the acclaimed books Angle of Attack and GROUNDED: How to Solve The Aviation Crisis. Pilot Error is especially timely to audiences eager to know more about the controversial Boeing 737 MAX ungrounding. From the producers of Coming Up For Air, winner of five best picture awards.

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